Red Clementine

At Red Clementine, we believe you deserve a 5-star dining experience at affordable prices. Our foods and drinks are prepared with love by our teams, just for you. Our foods are inspired by modern cooking and plating. We hope you like what Red Clementine has to offer :
Our food portions are standard a la carte size, and are cooked upon order, which is why some items might take longer than usual. Should you have a special diet requirement, do inform our friendly service team 🙂

Come and discover our sections:

Summer Passion  – soak in the relaxing “by-the-beach” sofas and summer walls.
Winter Romance – choose the romantic “by-the-window” tables for a romantic meal for two.
Moroccan VIP Room – pre-book this cosy, intimate private room for meetings, dinner, special orders, and proposals.
Some of our Signature Dishes
Smoked Duck Salad served with unique fruity dressing
Chicken Confit – uses a traditional French cooking method that is now used as a technique to infuse flavours into meat/vegetable